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Recommended Japanese accounting software

time 2022/02/15

The most popular accounting software in Japan seems to be Yayoi Kaikei.

Many accounting offices in Japan use this software. So do our firm. Almost all the English native speaking professionals here say they like Yayoi more than other English accounting software such as Xero, Wave or Quickbooks. The reasons may be its friendly user interface or speed. Yayoi runs on Windows computer, it’s a desktop application. Its response is quick. Once you click a number to drill down for the breakdown, it shows the result immediately. On the other hand, Xero and Wave and other software that run on the cloud are slow.

Another reason should the Japanese Consumption Tax. Because it has its own tax categories for revenue and expenses items, these foreign software don’t have enough functionalities to categorize and calculate the tax amount automatically. At the end, for people or companies using those software, professional accountants have to correct
the data all through the year or calculate the tax manually.


Another choice may be freee.

freee is a service that runs on the cloud. The first release was about 5 years ago. The benefits of using this service are 1) it feeds bank transactions and credit card records automatically. It saves a lot of your time. It also has enough functionalities to calculate Japanese Consumption Tax. It is also linked to tax filing systems so you save from manual entry. The problem is that, again, it is slow most of the time.


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