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持続化給付金 日本政府提供现金补助,帮助维持因受新型冠状病毒影响的企业。

time 2020/04/23


Please note that there might be changes to the information below.
A finalized version is expected to be announced end of April 2020.
Information on cash grant for sustaining businesses

What are these cash grant for sustaining businesses (Jizoku-ka-kyuufu-kin)?
We are providing cash grants to business owners who are greatly affected by the coronavirus situation to help sustain and restart their businesses.

Cash grant amount 
For corporate entities, 2 million yen. For sole proprietors, 1 million yen.
Note : However, there is a limit that covers only the sales loss from the previous year.

Calculation for sales decrease
Previous year’s gross sales (Business income) – ( Month in which sales dropped by 50% x 12 months)
Note : The above formula is just a base and we are also taking into consideration business owners for just started their business.
去年的总销售额(营业收入)- (与去年同期相比下降50%的月销售额 X 12)

Applies only to :
1) Business’ whose sales have dropped more than 50% this year due to the coronavirus.
2) Small, medium & mid-sized enterprises, freelancers, sole proprietors etc. (Excludes large enterprises (capital of over 1 billion yen)).
Also, medical corporations, agricultural corporations, corporate NPOs and corporate social welfare services etc. can also apply.
1) 因受新冠病毒影响而导致今年销售额下降超过50%的企业
2) 中小型企业,自由职业者,个体经营者等(大型企业除外(资本金超过10亿日元))

SME finance, consultation desk
0570-783183 (Weekdays・Holidays 9:00 to 17:00)
中小企業 金融・給付金相談窓口(0570-783183)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1 For which period can we compare the 50% decrease in sales?
Answer : Between January 2020 and December 2020, you can pick any ONE month which shows a comparison decrease of over 50% from the previous year.
Q1 哪一个时期可以用来比较营业额下降50%
A: 从2020年1月至12月,你可以选择任何一个月用来比较去年同期营业额下降50%
Q2 When can we start applying ?
Answer : After the correction budgets are finalized, it will take about a week for the application reception counters to open.
For electronic filings, after applying, it should take about two weeks for the funds to go through.
Note : The funds will be transferred into the applicant’s bank account.
Q2 什么时候可以开始申请?

Q3 What are the required information for the application?
Along with the address and bank account number**, please provide the following :
** A copy of the bank book (Corporate entities : Company name, Sole proprietors : Individual name) is required for confirmation.

For corporate entities (houjin) :
1) Corporate number (Houjin-bangou)
2) Copy of 2019’s tax return
3) Documents that show drop in revenue for stated month (General ledger etc.)

For sole proprietors (kojin) :
1) Documents that can confirm individual’s ID
2) Copy of 2019’s tax return
3) Documents that show drop in revenue for stated month (General ledger etc.)

Note : There might be changes to No 3) in the future (request for more documents etc.).
Q3: 申请材料信息有哪些?
A: 除了住址及银行账号,以下信息也须提供
注:存折副本 (法人:法人名字,个体经营者:个人名字)
1) 法人号 (法人番号)
2) 2019 报税单等材料复印件 (2019年の確定申告書類)
3) 月销售额下降的证明文件,如账本等
1) 个人身份证件
2) 2019 报税单等材料复印件 (2019年の確定申告書類)
3) 月销售额下降的证明文件,如账本等


Q4 How do I go about applying?
Answer : You can apply online. If necessary, you can make a physical appointment with us (as a health safety measure, we only accept prior reservations ONLY).
Note : For the application, you do not need a G Biz ID.

Other items which require other explanation for this application is expected to be finalized and announced at the end of April so please wait until then.

A: 一般是网上申请。但如果有特别需要,也可以提前预约到窗口进行申请(只接受提前预约)
注: 申请不需要G Biz ID



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