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Hiring right people is challenging these days

time 2018/07/31

We are running busy right now, thankfully. To prepare ourselves ready for the winter busy season, we are trying to hire more people here.

We are a mixed team of 8 Japanese and 3 English native speakers, including 3 qualified tax accountants and one US CPA. We believe that this is a good team that people can provide each strength and help each other to support clients’ needs. The Japanese members can read the local laws and regulation such as tax social insurance much faster with more precision. They can help the English speaking accountants in sharing the information that our clients want to know.

The English speaking teams are much better and faster in communication with clients. They can listen to clients and provide the services that they want.

Hiring the right people is the most challenging part recently, but we need to hire good people to provide good services to clients! We would like to hire native English speakers who can read and write Japanese with an accounting background (degree from school or experiences) or Japenese accountants who speak and write in English. However, placing ads to Hello Work doesn’t work recently. Hello Work is a governmental institution to match job seekers and employers for free of change. But you will rarely good resumes through it recently. I would also place add to CraigsList. It would work well until recently but it seems that its users are less or right people do not search for jobs through CraigsList.

So, I tried new(?) online recruiting media such as LinkedIn and Wantedly (a Japanese company who became a listed company recently) and it worked. It seems that the world is moving and you need to look around and learn what can work more efficiently.


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