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Employee Buyout -EBO

time 2018/05/09

If no one in your family will take your business over, you may want to consider passing it to directors or employees of your company.

Upside is that the person knows the business well. He has been working in the company for long. The education necessary to take over the business will be relatively mild.

The downside is money. He may not have enough money to buy out the business. Also, if your company has taken loans from banks, you are likely a guarantor of the loans too. The successor director/employee will be required to guarantee the loan instead of retiring you. That will be difficult for him to accept.

As to the money to buy out, if the company is performing well or has enough assets on its balance sheet and the successor seems capable, banks will be able to consider lending you money. Also, there are venture capitals or private funds that will provide you with fund to buy out the shares.

The company can also issues preferred shares without or limited voting rights to you so you will have right to receive dividends while the successor will have shares with voting right to control the company management. If the shares with voting right is only a small portion of the total shares, the money needed for buyout will be limited. According to the tax law, shares with voting right can be the same valuation as those without voting right. Therefore, if the majority of the existing shares are non voting shares, the valuation of the shares with voting right can be limited, based on the proportion.

But you still want to keep more than 1/3 shares that give you a veto, because the new management can issue new shares to dilute your shares and therefore reduce your right to receive dividends.

Points to consider

You should avoid giving shares to your employees for free. There will be gift tax. Gift tax can be higher than capital gain tax that you will have to pay in case you sell it. The gift tax can go up to 55% while the capital gain tax is flat 20.42%. Even if your intention is to give the shares for free, you will want to compare the both scenario carefully. You may be able to reduce the total tax amount paid by you and him by raising his salary for years and letting him buy your shares.


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