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Incorporate a branch

Registering a branch of a foreign corporation is a little bit complicated but it will certainly have tax benefits. One typical benefit is that the head quarter company will be able to use its loss from the branch to offset against its taxable income back in the headquarter country.

Necessary Information

You will need (A) a copy of your company registration and (B) the article of incorporation and (C) individual seal certificate (印鑑証明, if available in your country.

For countries where seal certificate is not available, your notarized signature by a consulate or apostille organization will be sufficient with a translation either in Japanese or English (they do not have to be notarized.),

Affidavit – Docs to be notarized

An affidavit has to be prepared including the company information such as name, address, capital, number of shares, and name of the person in charge for the Japanese branch.

Then you need to go to your apostille organization in your home country or your consulate in Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan) to have the affidavit notarized (and get your notarized signature, if seal certificate is not available in your country).

Create a seal for the representing manager of the branch.

Stamp the seal on the application form to register with your notarized signature. This is required to map the representing manager seal to the manager of the branch.


The total cost of setting up a branch, including our fee, is 190,000 yen. It will take about 10 days to complete the process.




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