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About the cash grant for SMEs and sole proprietors announced by the government

time 2020/04/08

These are the details of the announcement made by the government yesterday (April 7th, 2020). It seems not everybody in business is eligible for this grant. But what I think will probably be qualified are businesses in BnB (民泊), hotels, travel industry, restaurants and recruiters.

中堅・中小企業は上限 200 万円、個人事業主は上限 100 万円の現金給付
2M at maximum for SMEs or 1M for individual sole proprietors will be paid in cash.
新型コロナの影響で、事業収入(売上)が前年同月比 50%以上減少した事業者(幅広い業種)が対象
The condition is more than a 50% drop in sales compared to the last year.
The difference between the revenues from the last year and this year will be granted.
There is no restriction on what to use. It can be used broadly anything related to your business.
The total budget for this program is about 2.3 Trillion yen.
It is planned to be available by online filing.
It will take approximately 2 weeks if there are no mistakes or shorage in the required documents.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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