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Pricing: 値段表

Our pricing is as following:
(Fee Table)

Monthly bookkeeping 40,000 (plus Consumption Tax),

Tax filing fee for annual corporate income tax for monthly clients (who takes our monthly booking service): 200,000, annual clients: 300,000

Payroll service 20,000 yen as base fee plus 3,000 yen/person

Year End Adjustment 40,000 yen as base fee plus 5,000/person

Company incorporation. 80,000 yen for KK and 60,000 yen for GK. (There are two mostly used corporate structure in Japan. The natures of each corporate structure is available in the following link:)

Capital Increase: 30,000 yen

Official Address Change: 30,000 yen.


月次記帳 4万円

決算 月次の記帳をご利用のお客様 20万円、一年に一度、決算だけをご希望のお客様 お客様30万円

給与計算 2万円の基本料金 と 一人あたり 3000円

年末調整 4万円の基本料金と 1人あたり5000円

会社設立 株式会社 5万円、合同会社 4万円

増資の手続き 3万円

本店移転手続き 3万円







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